Your voice.

Your community.


City Council: Your voice in your community.

Here in your community – your voice has the power to directly affect local decisions for the good. Your city council acts as the bridge between the quality of life you want and the local government that makes it happen. 

City Council in Colorado Springs is a full time job. However, it pays only $6,250/year. Such a low compensation prevents many qualified working class folks in our community from serving. Do you have a friend, neighbor, or colleague who you believe would make a great City Councilor? Could they step away from their current responsibilities to earn only $6,250 a year?

Did you know?


Council helps run a $1B public utilities company

Colorado Springs is one of only a handful of cities with a publicly owned utility. Your city council also serves as the board of utilities – impacting everything from your rates to where your power is sourced.


Council decisions impact roads and infrastructure

Your city council makes important decisions that effect the quality and efficiency of roads, transit, and infrastructures. These decisions impact your ability to move around and live in your community.


Your city council represents your voice

The most important work of your city council is insure your voice is heard. Colorado Springs' city council consists of 6 districts and 3 at-large councilors. Each District represents approximately 75,000 residents. Their decisions directly affect your way of life.

Our city council also:

  • Sets our city's yearly budget
  • Engages constituents to better understand their needs – allowing our voices to be heard
  • Assists in economic development and local job growth
  • Supports development of overlooked areas of town, making Colorado Springs more attractive
  • Helps make Colorado Springs more attractive to employers through increased property value and improving our local way of life

All for $6,250/year

How do we measure up?

Colorado Springs is a city of almost 500,000 people. Our City Council works 40-50 hours per week to conduct city business and to represent our communities. The average council compensation for a city our size is $40,000 a year.

Omaha, NE
Salt Lake City, UT
Spokane, WA
Colorado Springs

Better pay means

Increased representation of young professionals
More qualified candidates
Better representation of people just like you
Increased accountability
More City Councilors with experiences similar to ours

Who can you imagine on city council?

We all know someone who would be a valuable asset to our community as a city council member. They are passionate about Colorado Springs and constantly looking for ways to make our community a more vibrant place to live.

Could they live on a salary of $6,250?

What We've Heard

What people think of city council:


City council members are affluent and can’t relate to the average citizen.

What city council can be:

Just like you

It is true that the current compensation for City Council makes it difficult for highly qualified working class members of our community to serve on Council. While our current council works hard to be active in the community, better pay would allow for more every day people in our community to serve and represent our communities.

What people think of city council:


There’s no accountability for city council members. How do we even know what they do?

What city council can be:


Our City Council works hard to represent the best interests of our community. However, better pay for our City Council would ensure that our elected leaders have the time and resources to fully dedicate themselves to the full-time work of serving our city. Therefore ensuring that more time is spent in the community, listening to constituent needs, and representing our best interests.

What people think city council is:


City council is a part-time job. They work 30-40 hours per month at most.

What city council is and should be:


Your city council members spend an average of 40-50 hours per week on their duties and responsibilities as a council member.  This full-time commitment prevents many working class folks in our communities from being able to serve. City council is not a hobby or a volunteer position. In a city of 500,000 people, it’s a full-time responsibility.

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