Empowered citizens make a strong community

Building partnerships

A city full of potential

In Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region, people are what make our hometown great. We believe our community works best when its citizens are informed and empowered to participate in our local government and the decisions that effect each of us.


Running and supporting initiatives that enhance our local way of life


Building bridges between our citizens and the decisions that effect them


Providing community education to empower citizens to participate

Current project

Level Up Colorado Springs

Your voice has the power to directly effect local decisions for the good. Your city council acts as the bridge between the quality of life you want and the local government that makes it happen.


Friends of D11

  • 42 million
  • 500 volunteers
  • 1,000 small donors

Before 2017, a generation of students passed through the doors of District 11 schools without the benefits of additional funding. Peak Partnership stepped in and led one of the largest community-engaged campaigns in Colorado Springs history. Through this campaign, over 500 volunteers and 1,000 small donors helped secure the passage of a $42 million mill levy for our District 11 schools.

Opportunity Harrison

  • 180 million
  • 25 schools
  • 2 schools expanded

Harrison District 2 struggled for 17 years to secure needed funding for their schools. Through powerful branding and a strong grassroots effort, we positioned Harrison students at the top of voters’ minds. As a result, voters approved a $180 million bond to improve classroom conditions, expand two schools into K-8, and free up valuable dollars to retain great teachers.

Anthony Carlson

Anthony is a seasoned community builder and campaign strategist. His passion for empowering people at the grassroots and a knack for taking on tough challenges has led to him building a track record of helping communities overcome tall odds to win at the ballot.

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